Bahrain Again

29th March 2016

After a moment of euphoria tweeting my appreciation of the entertainment provided by the Australian Grand Prix, I’m afraid I’ve been back on the rant the past week as our sport stumbles forward in ...

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The Circus is Back

14th March 2016

I know you are about to be bombarded with the hyped-up opinions of the multitude of experts lined-up on Sky and Channel 4 to make F1 sound exciting but if you want the simple version of what to expect ...

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Young Drivers

18th February 2016

Over the past few years I’ve often tweeted about the comings and goings of the drivers that grace the Grand Prix grids of Formula One. Some, to me, arrive too quickly while others stay there for too ...

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The State of F1

12th February 2016

Having battled to argue my point of view using just 140 characters on twitter I have decided it’s time for me to become a blogger!! The state F1 has got itself into has so many different angles and ...

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